Andromeda Deluxe Red Wine Glass

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          Lead-free crystal glass

          450 ml

          237 mm

          89 mm


709 crystals
Dishwasher Safe


These wine glasses are designed for the most demanding connoisseurs who want to combine aesthetics with a perfect wine experience.

Grandi launches the Andromeda series made of high-quality Bohemian crystal glass. These masterpieces have a classic style and extraordinary crystal decoration. Thin and at the same time ultra-durable crystal glass makes this series unique.

Each wine glass is decorated with approximately 709 shiny crystals. The slightly closed tulip shape of the bowl helps to aerate the wine and release its complex flavors while retaining the aroma. Andromeda glasses are slender in shape, and the melodious clinking of glasses complements your gourmet experience.

They celebrate the joy of life and exquisiteness.